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Mass Hiring / BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Recruitment and Employment Agency Service in Malaysia

Our BPO service includes hiring for front-ended and back-ended office functions at scaled headcounts. Leveraging prominence in the Malaysian job market, we are able to provide support to businesses expanding in Malaysia through mass hiring that replicates the headquarters’ business model.

We resolve issues of meeting the current requirements, compliance and regulatory faced by businesses in volume-based hiring. With sufficient understanding of organization’s business nature and industry, we help businesses to maintain optimum level of staffing cost and time constraints.

Mass Hiring/BPO Process

1. Initial Consultation
  • Identifying gaps and talent requirements necessary for business expansion.
2. Market Analysis
  • Assessment of Malaysian job market, talent pool and salary benchmarks.
  • Pinpointing specific front-ended and back-ended office functions to be scaled up.
3. BPO Solution
  • Customizing solution that aligns with the business expansion goals and hiring volume required.
  • Developing strategies to effectively integrate headquarters’ business model and operations in Malaysia.
4. Compliance and Regulatory
  • Ensuring adherence to local labor laws and regulations.
  • Mitigating risks through implementation of relevant legal frameworks.
5. Optimization of Cost and Time
  • Streamlining time to hire and time to fill metrics.
  • Utilizing industrial expertise and insights to minimize staffing costs.
Initial Consultation
Market Analysis
BPO Solution
Compliance and Regulatory
Optimization of Cost and Time

Mass Hiring/BPO Process